Luke 2:26. “And it was revealed unto him by the Holy Ghost,…”. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of revelation!Nothing,absolutely nothing can be hidden from Him[Heb 4:13].Many persons conduct their lives,as if they can hide certain things from the Almighty.GOD sees all we do;good or evil.Yes,we can hide from men…yet we can not hide from GOD,[1 Kg 10:17-23].God knows where you are,and what you do.God can reveal your deeds to others [Ezk 8:1-16;Acts 5,8:26,29].God desires His people to be masters,stronger than their enemies.One way He does that is by revelation,through the Holy Spirit[Deut 28:1-14;Ps 105:24;Lk 21:15;3 Jn 2].Many believers have not taken it seriously along scriptural lines to live on these terms,hence you find many in adversities and dangers[Prov 22:3].You see in that scripture,two classes of men:the prudent ane the simple.Mind you,none is said to be evil…lets limit it to believers in Christ,THEN the distinction is between ‘wise’ and ‘foolish’.Those who walk in revelation,and those who do not.

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